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The titles are links!


fig. 1 - "pool party" (Corey Eib, youtube.com)

A video that provides value to all internet users.
One could argue that this video has a unique cross-generational appeal –
from the 'doggo' craze of millenials, to the vintage lowercase-text aesthetic of gen z, to the DIY 'blair witch' found footage vibe of gen x – 
even to the boundless optimism of boomers – but I could go on and on –
It's just dogs, going in the pool. Coming back out, to jump back in.
Captured with a semi-bad camera on an overcast day, uploaded in coquette lowercase.
Wouldn't you like to join them? I sure would. Count me in! Bark bark bark. Great


fig. 2 - "Are You a Procrastinator?" Quiz (American Girl, archive.org)

This American Girl quiz used to motivate me to do better as a child.
When I recently rediscovered it on archive.org, it still had the same effect.
There are three options to this quiz – you're either girlboss, normal, or burnout.
Which one does your inner child want to be?
Don't let them down!


fig. 3 - "Tuvalu Eas Alarm" (CuberEAS, youtube.com)

I got lost on Youtube recently, watching compilations of different countries' EAS warning sounds.
The popularity of these videos has led to a handful of fake EAS alarms being circulated alongside real ones.
Most notably, the "Tuvalu EAS" that's in a handful of videos is a reversed mp3 of this.
Some kid took the fake Tuvalu EAS and made a sample video of what it might look like to be hit with a disaster in Tuvalu.
TLDR I cried at this


fig. 4 - "colorflip.com" (Rafaël Rozendaal)
I've been a fan of Rafaël Rozendaal's "single-serving websites" ever since I could go online.
I still like to visit colorflip.com often. Feel free to check out them all!


Just a little treat to see you off with.


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